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Reaching Out

The purpose of this project was to expand a cramped, split level ranch to make room for a growing family, and connect the home’s primary living spaces to a beautiful backyard, while allowing the sun to fill the spaces with natural light.

The budget was a big challenge given what the owners hoped to accomplish: Adding a large living space on the first floor with a contemporary, dramatic feel, and a new master suite above a single story space. We had to create another layer to the split ranch stairwell to access the new master suite, and reconfigure the entry of the home and circulation to the new spaces at the rear of the house completely. The new family room and kitchen are two new structures at the back of the house. In keeping with the nature of the split, the living room is designed three steps below the kitchen. The drama of the interior spaces are the hip roofs one higher than the next, following the levels of the floors. The back wall of the addition is made up of two sweeping curves lined with large windows and french doors. The entire space is filled with light throughout the day, and offers a panoramic view of the backyard from anywhere on the first level of the house.

The new second floor addition of the master suite has cathedral ceilings punctuated by a barrel vault. The new entry of the home is a highlight with custom designed post and beam structure; lit stairs, and shingled, accented columns made this home stand out.