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Twin Peaks

For this Arlington home, the clients wanted more space. With an outdated kitchen, a first floor bath with frozen pipes, cramped living spaces, and only one full bath, they were itching to spread out. There was little room to do so on the allowable footprint of the property. The solution was to add eleven feet of depth to the back of the house’s entire width, and for all three stories.

The family now gets a dramatic space under two peaks on the third floor and an expanded master bedroom and bath on the second floor.  The first floor now features an enlarged and updated kitchen and family room filled with natural light.

Once these special needs were addressed, expanding on the architecture of the home with interesting roof lines, overhangs, and material changes came into focus.  Adding a classic Victorian/craftsman detail the dual peaks on the attic’s floor hang out over the floors below. The master suite shapes two separate outcroppings for the second floor, while the back entry porch defines the first floor with a post and beam flare; it all comes together on the rear elevation to create a façade of interest and balance from the outside.