Bringing Designs to Life

Design Dynamics as a full service, custom, design/build firm; is the culmination of almost 20 years of construction experience, architectural education, and design experience for sole practitioner and founder, Dan Memont. Growing up and working in a family owned construction company, pride in craftmanship, and an appreciation and passion for architecture cemented the desire to establish a company that could develop a close relationship between the practice of architecture and the process of constructing it.

After graduating from Boston’s Wentworth Institute with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, Dan continued to work in both construction and architecture fields, developing relationships for the future and gaining hands-on experience while learning what it would take to bring his design ideas to life. In 2003, Design Dynamics was born, focusing initially on design. By 2006, Dan was partnering with construction companies, sub contractors, and individuals with whom he could build his projects. It was at this point that Design Dynamics first began offering a full service design/build option to its clients. Today, Design Dynamics specializes in custom residential design solutions for new homes, custom additions, and renovations. The relationships made over the years are the backbone of our success today. Because of this our workforce and resources can expand to match our needs. Design Dynamics, today is a full service design/build firm passionate about building thoughtful, and creative architecture.


Design Phase.

Fundamental to our work is our collaboration with our clients. By understanding their vision, program, and budget, we work with them to create designs that are responsive to their surrounding structures and landscapes, and a realization of a collaborate vision. To begin our design process, we start by getting to know our clients and understanding their needs, desires, and goals. Even the simplest of problems may have many solutions. Together with our clients, we look at each of them to determine which is best. Even though the solution might at first seem obvious, we approach each project with a level of creativity, and originality that will offer solutions that you may never have expected. In our first design meeting we will present to you the options developed for your project. We walk through each, discussing the architecture and philosophy behind each approach. Gauging your reactions, listening to your comments, opinions and feelings on each, we narrow the vision and create the schemes for the next meeting. Working with you towards a singular focus, we develop a design that addresses your needs and desires, fits your program and budget, and feels right. We feel that with this approach, you as the client are an active member of the design team. You are involved from day one, and as a result, not only do you understand how the design came to be, but more importantly, you will never be surprised about how it takes shape during the construction phase.


Construction Phase.

With a construction crew that believes fully in our collaborative visions, and each project led by our owner and designer, we are able to put as much care and thought into the construction process as went into the design process. Different than many firms, this ensures that no detail is overlooked or change is made with out first considering the design intent. On board with our philosophy is each of our sub contractors. With their help and care, every aspect of the project is handled with pride. From plumbers and electricians, to painters, plasterers and tile installers, each of our sub contractors has worked with us for years, and each shares our commitment to quality and execution of the designs as intended. In collaboration, we have over 20 years of hands on experience in the construction field that allows us to build each project efficiently, on time, and within budget, without sacrificing the design that we have all worked hard to create. Our attention to detail, ability to anticipate potential construction issues and creatively problem solve, means a smoother and more collaborative construction effort. With our design team an active member of our build team, and everyone involved trusted to facilitate our philosophy, we successfully blend the design and construction phases into one seamless process for our clients to be a part of. When completed, each of our projects is a realization of a collaborate vision.