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From the Core

While working as a project architect for the Office of Michael Rosenfeld, I worked with the owners of this property in Concord, MA to design a new house that would replace the aging cape house that they had outgrown.  With a love for their small but private site, we designed a 3500 sqft home that was compact and efficient, while spacious and open to the yard.  The main living spaces of the home form the four legs of a cross like plan, while the second floor bedrooms continue this shape upwards.  Four rooms on the first floor make up pods that fill each of the four corners of the cross.  Each of these pods, slip past the edges of the main body of the house creating the opportunity for natural light to get in, while opening views to the site.  The fireplace and stairwell create a core at the center of the home that allows effortless flow throughout the house.  The stairs follow the chimney up through the roof, through a cupola that brings daylight down into the center of the house.  The result is a home filled with sunlight and beautiful views to a private backyard.