• Transformed Cape

    We designed an addition/renovation for this small cape house that would satisfy the special needs of the owners and reflected their sense of style and love of the arts.

  • History Revisited

    We returned this home to its original luster. We resided and retrimmed the entire house, restored all the exposed rafter tails, and added mahogany and cedar details.

  • Beyond the Box

    Space injection into a typical Arlington colonial for a growing family, and something fun and enjoyable to the home.

  • Stepping Up

    Expanding a small house to accommodate a growing family while not outscaling what appears to be a single story cape from the street.

  • Twin Peaks

    Adding 11 feet of depth to the house and all three vertical stories finishing off with interesting roof lines, and material changes

  • Reaching Out

    Connecting living spaces to a beautiful backyard, and bringing nature closer by allowing sunlight to fill the spaces with natural light

  • Contemporary Ranch

    Building a home with a more contemporary look and feel without displacing the family during the project.

  • From the Ashes

    Rebuilding, expanding and making a more functional and spacious kitchen that could truly become the focal point of their living.

  • From the Core

    With a love for their small but private site, we designed a 3500 sqft home that was compact and efficient, while spacious and open to the yard.

  • Sprawling Farm House

    This home features an open and informal floor plan with a contemporary feel that bridges the gap between contemporary and craftsman style on the exterior.

  • MIT

    A canopy designed for the new ROTC head quarters on the MIT campus was part of a total renovation of the old Heinz warehouse building in Cambridge.

  • North Adams

    Sensitive to budget constraints, we built a space that would allow members to connect with their natural surroundings.

  • The Sun House

    In this summer getaway, the sun wakes in the master suite, and travels through the kitchen and dining area, and sets on the western side with the living room and screened porch.

  • Sudbury Articulation

    The large addition will provide much needed living space for a growing family, will open the entire first floor to the backyard, and allow sunlight into center parts of the house.